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About Us

We are an importing company with over 25 years experience in producing and supplying high quality products to the food service industry in New Zealand and Australia.

Sunnz’s product range includes:

Many of our products are also available through major wholesalers and distributors across New Zealand and Australia.

Our Brands

Sunnfry® is a high quality, solid vegetable shortening. It can be used in the production of breads, pastries, wafers, cream fillings, pies, biscuits, deep and shallow frying.

Riceola® is 100% Rice Bran Oil extracted from the bran of rice grains. Contains natural antioxidant (Vitamin E and Gamma Oryzanol).

Sunnolive® Olive Oil is produced from olives grown in the premium sun-drenched regions of Spain. Our factory has mastered the art of olive oil production in order to create the Sunnolive® Olive Oil range for the sophisticated palate.

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