Coconut Products

We offer a broad range of coconut ingredients to provide our customers with specialty coconut solutions used in applications including pastries, cakes, confectionery, beverages, ice cream, cereals, candies, biscuits, meals and much more.


Desiccated Coconut is unsweetened dried coconut and is available in many cut sizes. It is produced from fresh coconut meat carefully dehydrated to retain the full natural fat and flavour. It is available with or without sulphites. Available in the following cut sizes:
Fine | Extra Fine | Medium | Shred

Toasted Coconut  imparts a distinctive, sugar-roasted coconut flavour and a crunchier profile than sweetened and desiccated coconuts. Toasted coconut is an excellent low cost partial replacement for costly nuts in bakery applications and is also available in an unsweetened variety. The range consists of the following:

Fine | Medium | Niblets

Sweetened & Moist Coconut  is desiccated coconut to which moisture and sugar are added. It works well in many bakery and confectionery applications. It imparts a flavour and mouth-feel similar to fresh coconut. The moisture level ranges from 10% to 15% to increase tenderness. It has a sugar content of approximately 30% and contains glycerine to improve the texture. Available only in Shred.

RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS   Macaroons | Rice Krispies | Chocolate Truffles | Fudges | Cookies | Granola Bars | Biscuits | Wafers | Cereals and Trail Mixes | Filling | Toppings (Baked Goods, Confectionery & Desserts)



Coconut Concentrate  is unsweetened desiccated coconut which has been refined to a semi-solid or shortening-like consistency. It preserves the fat (up to 70%) and natural nutty aroma of coconut. Ideal for a variety of culinary application.

This product offers the user an opportunity to have a shelf stable, natural, concentrated coconut that can be used in liquid form. It does not require refrigeration and is solid at room temperature. When diluted with water, coconut concentrate performs well as a low-cost and convenient substitute for fresh or aseptically packed coconut cream or milk. In addition, this product works well in other applications such as beverages, confectionery centres and sauces (eg. curry). Available with or without stabiliser and varying levels of sulphite.

RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS   Coconut Milk/Cream Substitute | Sauces | Dressings/Dips | Curry | Marinades | Piña Coladas | Smoothies | Fruit-Flavored Beverages | Ice Cream | Confectionery (fillings or flavour) | Icing | Desserts


Coconut Flour  an off white to cream color powder produced from the meat of coconut. It is a rich source of dietary fiber with the highest protein content of any flour. It also has a very low level of digestible carbohydrates which makes it an excellent choice for consumers who want to restrict their intake of carbohydrates. It is gluten-free, so well suited for people who have allergies to gluten or wheat.

Coconut Water  is obtained from coconut fruits, filtered, blast frozen, and stored below -18°C. It is refreshingly sweet, trendsetting drink with a slight nutty taste, it is excellent for hydration, replenishing lost fluids and minerals after rigorous physical activities. Its mild flavour and translucent colour makes it ideal for blending with fruit juices or as a refreshing ready-to-drink beverage. 100% natural, does not contain artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. Available in Single Strength and Concentrated forms.

Coconut Oil (Virgin, Refined)  is derived from fresh, mature kernel of the highest quality coconut.

Coconut Shortening  is derived from fresh, mature kernel of the highest quality coconut.

Coconut Sugar  is produced from carefully extracted coconut nectar (organic available on request). Coconut nectar is collected and cooked on slow heat to let the liquid evaporate until granules are formed – 100% natural, no additives, no anti-fermenting agents, no preservatives, no chemicals. It is unrefined, unfiltered and unbleached.

Coconut Milk/Cream  is produced from freshly and carefully extracted mature coconut meat and UHT technology process to retain its natural whiteness, freshness, flavour and aroma. Smooth-flowing liquid and creamy white in colour, it is best characterised by its strong nutty aroma and creamy coconut flavour. Used in many Southeast Asian dishes, like curries and soups, to balance spice levels and provide a velvety texture. It’s also a great ingredient to use in desserts. Excellent as a dairy replacement like mousse, whipped cream, cake, tiramisu, cheese cake, panna cotta, or ice cream.

Dried Coconut Dices  come from fresh coconut flesh soaked in syrup to give soft chewy coconut pieces that are available in a range of sizes.

PACKAGING RANGE  Kraft Bag – 25lbs (11.34kg) | Carton Box – 22lbs (10kg) | Drum | Bulk Case Container | Other pack sizes are available on request


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