Fats for Food Industry


Sunnz has extensive experience with a wide range of specialty fats. We offer a comprehensive range of products that meet traditional market needs and can also assist with new product opportunities.

Shortening Products  are a blend of vegetable oils and high quality emulsifiers that are used to make flour soft and velvety. They improve the taste and appearance of food.

Confectionery, Coating & Creaming Fats  are made from blends of refined and processed vegetable oil. The light color, bland taste, lack of odour and creaming performance make them ideal for biscuit cream filling applications. Also good for coating and creaming applications such as coating chocolates, toffees and other confectionery. Our products can be tailor-made to suit the setting characteristics and flavour profile required by the customer.

RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS  Confectionery | Ice Cream | Baked Goods | Cream Fillings


Sunnz has a range of margarine and butter substitutes available that are competitively priced with great flavour and functionality.

Butter Substitutes   are prepared from a blend of high quality vegetable oils. They have an excellent flavor profile and good bake-through quality that is ideal for a broad range of applications, such as biscuits, cookies, bread and pastries.

Butter Blend | Butter Oil Substitute | Cake Margarine | Industrial Margarine | Pastry Base Nuggets | Pastry Margarine | Puff Pastry Margarine | Pie Base Fat | Table Margarine

RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS  Baked Goods | Butter Replacement


Carton Box – 15kg, 18kg, 20kg | Other pack sizes are available on request


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