Sunnfry® Vegetable Shortening

High Quality Vegetable Shortening

Ideal for deep, shallow frying and dry blending

Sunnfry® vegetable shortening is a high quality, solid vegetable shortening produced from refined palm oil. Sunnfry® is excellent for frying, cooking, greasing pans and baking trays as it does not burn easily. It is fantastic for continuous deep-frying and shallow frying in fast food chains and quality restaurants, as a butter substitute in cooking, and for general shortening use.


  • Low density – high volume
  • Clean white colour from quality refining
  • Long life and high stability
  • Great replacement for tallow frying fat
  • Low melting point (better taste)
  • Low density shortening (more shortening per kg)
  • Convenient 12.5 kg pack size – OSH friendly for your work place
  • Large size also available

RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS   Deep & shallow frying | Donut frying | Pie base | Bread | Pastries | Wafers | Cream fillings | Biscuits | Pan greaser agent

PACKAGING   Carton Box – 12.5kg


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