Riceola® Rice Bran Oil

100% Rice Bran Oil

Premium vegetable oil extracted from brown rice bran

  • High smoke point
  • Neutral Taste & Aroma
  • Contains natural antioxidants (Vitamin E & Gamma Oryzanol)

Riceola® is 100% pure rice bran oil extracted from the selected bran of brown rice and germ, the most nutritious part of rice. It contains naturally occurring Vitamin E and Oryzanol. Riceola® Rice Bran Oil is a versatile oil with neutral taste and aroma. The high smoke point (220ºC) makes it ideal for deep frying, shallow frying, stir frying, baking, dressings, popcorn, snack coating, soap and skin care products.

RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS   Shallow frying | Stir frying | Deep frying | Bakery | Snack coating | Salads dressing

PACKAGING RANGE   Bag in Box – 15L | PET – 5L | Drums and IBC are available on request


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