Riceola® Rice Bran Oil

100% Rice Bran Oil

Premium vegetable oil extracted from brown rice bran

  • Contains natural antioxidants (Vitamin E & Gamma Oryzanol)
  • No additives or preservatives
  • High smoke point
  • Cholesterol free and GMO free

Riceola® is 100% Rice Bran Oil and contains no additives (artificial antioxidants or anti-foaming agents). It has been extracted from the bran of rice grains. Bran contains high levels of nutrients and is extracted for its oil, protein and fibre.

Riceola® has a smoke point of 240°C, which makes it ideal for frying applications and allows the food to cook faster. It does not become sticky at the end of it’s fry life, therefore your clean up is quicker and easier! The high smoke point means that it is not stressed at standard cooking temperatures. It may give you a lower absorption rate because of its lower viscosity. Lower absorption means less oil usage, reduced cost and less fat in the finished product.

Riceola® is neutral in taste and aroma which allows the flavour of food to shine through for everyone to enjoy. The neutral flavour makes Riceola a versatile oil suitable for many applications.

Riceola® contains Vitamin E (Tocopherols and Tocotrienols) and Gamma Oryzanol, a plant sterol with many health benefits. It can be considered one of the most balanced and versatile oils on the market.

RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS   Shallow frying | Stir frying | Deep frying | Bakery | Snack coating | Salads dressing

PACKAGING RANGE   Bag in Box – 15L | PET – 5L | Drums and IBC are available on request


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