Raisins, Sultanas & Cherries

RAISINS & SULTANAS  are excellent ingredients for baked goods, snacks, cereals and confectionery products. Sunnz can supply a competitive product to meet your needs, whether it is a high specification product with zero stones, or a low grade product for mincing. We can also offer glycerinated, golden, various berry sizes or sugar coated.

Carton Box – 12.5kg | Other pack sizes are available on request


CHERRIES  Our high quality cherries come in a variety of shapes, texture, colour and options. Cherries are a perfect ingredient for baked goods, desserts, confectionery, ice cream and decorations.

Glace Cherry | Amaretto & Morello Flavoured Cherry | Sour Cherry | Maraschino Cherry

PACKAGING RANGE  Pail or Carton | Other pack sizes are available on request



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