Glace Fruits

The secret of excellence in traditional candied fruit lies in selecting the best fruit – ripe, full of colour and aroma.

Glace fruit is produced by soaking fruit in a succession of increasingly concentrated syrups, allowing the sugar to replace the water in the fruit. This delicate process of osmosis is carried out over several days allowing a specific sugar concentration to be achieved. This naturally preserves the fruit without impairing the natural and original fruit flavour. A fine sugar solution may be added to glaze the fruit, creating a gourmet confectionery fruit product.

Our high quality glace fruits are excellent for use as a decoration fruit on a fine patisserie, or as an inclusion in baked goods.

Red, Green & Black Cherries | Clementine | Ginger | Melon | Tropical Fruits

PACKAGING RANGE  Pail or Carton | Other pack sizes are available on request


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